University Student Union, Inc.

Documents and Disclosures

Documents and Disclosures

As a tax-exempt organization, the University Student Union, Inc. (USU) must make the appropriate organizational documents available for inspection online or for copying at the corporation's administrative office during normal business hours. We have made our best effort to ensure that the documents posted on the Web site are the most recent versions of the USU's financial statements and disclosure documents. Links to pages containing this information have been provided below.

USU Corporate Documents
Articles of Incorporation
USU Bylaws
Tax Determination Letter


Annual Report
Year Name
2012–2013 Annual Report
2011–2012 Annual Report
2010–2011 Annual Report
2009–2010 Annual Report
2008–2009 Annual Report
2007–2008 Annual Report


Audit Report
Year Name
2012-2013 Audited Financial Statements
2011-2012 Audited Financial Statements
2010-2011 Audited Financial Statements
2009-2010 Audited Financial Statements
2008-2009 Audited Financial Statements
2007-2008 Audited Financial Statements
2006-2007 Audited Financial Statements
2005-2006 Audited Financial Statements
2004-2005 Audited Financial Statements
2003-2004 Audited Financial Statements


USU 990 Forms
Year Name
2011 – 2012 990 Form
2010 – 2011 990 Form
2009 – 2010 990 Form
2008 – 2009 990 Form
2007 – 2008 990 Form
2006 – 2007 990 Form

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Policies and Procedures
Fiscal Facilities &
Commercial Services
Personnel Corporate Programs
Cash Donations Policy Amplified Sound Policy Bonus Policy—
Regular Employees
General Ledger Reconciliation  
Collections and Bad Debt Dance Policy and Operational Procedures Bonus Policy—
Student Assistant Employees
Safe Combination Policy  
Corporate Credit Card Policy Facility Use Policy Business Ethics and Conduct Policy Signature Authorization Policy  
Fixed Asset & Leasehold Improvement Policy Fusion Technology and CSUN Data Downloads Catastrophic Leave Policy    
General Change Fund Policy Gift Acceptance Policy Holiday Pay    
Payroll Policy Posting Policy Meeting Rate of Pay for Group Exercise Instructors    
Petty Cash Policy Student Recreation Center Membership and Facility Access Policy      
Purchasing Policy Travel Policy      
Reserves Policy Procedure USU and SRC Lost and Found Procedures      
Student Recreation Center Refund Policy      
Unrelated Business Income Policy        

The University Student Union (USU) and the Student Recreation Center (SRC) will hold all items that have been lost or found throughout the entire facility.


If you lost an item, check the building where the item was lost before reporting to the USU front desk.


The USU will not accept items in the lost and found that the campus lost and found does not accept.


Those items are, and not limited to:
Items which would present a bio-hazard, bathing elements, undergarments, bathing suits, toiletries, makeup, torn clothing, animals, trash, dishes including water bottles, items that would not be legal to possess (i.e., weapons, etc.)


These items will be discarded when found.


The USU will keep items in the lost and found for one month only.


Items of value will be transported to the Department of Police Services who maintains the campus lost and found. Visit their website.


Items of value we have identified are: jewelry, keys, watches, wallets, electronics, identification cards, credit/debit cards, and passports.

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Board Of Directors Agendas & Minutes
Adopts policies, oversees financial matters, facilitates programs, and maintains buildings and facilities. Take a seat on the Board and be one of ten student leaders who serve in the best interest of the CSUN student body.
Date Time Location Agenda Minutes
4.14.2014 12:30 PM Grand Salon Agenda Not Available
3.17.2014 12:30 PM Grand Salon Agenda Minutes
2.17.2014 12:30 PM Grand Salon Agenda Minutes
1.27.2014 12:30 PM Grand Salon Agenda Minutes
12.2.2013 12:30 PM Grand Salon Agenda Minutes
10.21.2013 12:30 PM Grand Salon Agenda Minutes
9.16.2013 12:30 PM Grand Salon Agenda Minutes
8.26.2013 12:30 PM Grand Salon Agenda Minutes
7.22.2013 12:30 PM Sala de la Osa, SSU Agenda Minutes

Archived Agendas and Minutes

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